Magic Vs. Technology

hatHello Mishkamigos! (I totally stole that from Misha Collins btw) XD I know we’ve gone over Magic and Science (with technology included) but today, whilst doing some world building myself for Dragon Bloode: Rebirth, I thought of the timeline and technology. What I mean is, in a world with magic is technology necessary? Would it advance as quickly? In our own world technology is like magic. It fixes things. Cures. Extends lives. Makes life more convenient. Doesn’t magic do the same thing in fictional settings? Of course, just like technology, magic can go the other way as well. It can wreak havoc. Cause problems on a massive scale and while benefiting some will do harm to others.

laptopDB:C takes place in the 1984-5th year of the Draak Empire. As I wrote the entire history of the empire and brief history of Alperin that is where the dates landed. I planned out historical dates and happenings, borrowing inspiration from real history, and ended up in that timeline. Well, when most people think of those years they’re reminded of shoulder pads, MTV, Rainbow Brite, and Pepsi (or is that just me?). So I sat and thought, “Why is it that in so many fantasy books there is almost no advanced technology?” It feels as though when magic is present, technology isn’t necessary. Or it’s slow going at best.

Of course there are always exceptions. I know there are novels and shows out there that have the two coexisting. I myself prefer one or the other. Because then I suppose it’s Science Fiction versus actual Fantasy genres. I could go off on a tangent about how the two are always shoehorned together in some bookstores anyway. >.> I’m wondering what others think of this subject. This is just food for thought myself and a way of dipping my toes back into the blogosphere. Woo! I’ll be posting regularly again. I think. Sort of. Possibly? 😀

And now I have to plug. So sorry. Until next time!



Dragon Bloode: Covet

Dragon Bloode: Covet is $2.99 in ebook and $14.99 in paperback at most online retailers.


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