Short Advice


Dragon Bloode: Covet

There is a sea of blogs around the internet offering advice to writers. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad. I follow a few of these blogs and today I came across one that gives 5 Things To Consider Before You Write An Epic Fantasy.

Would you like to know my advice? Here we go.

Do you want to write an epic fantasy? If the answer is yes, then write an epic fantasy. Done. Easy. Moving on!

I have a new world building blog on the way, but I for one get tired of people putting terms and contingencies on a creative process and felt I needed to make a shout out. If you want to write an epic fantasy then write an epic fantasy. If there’s a story bubbling and brewing within you, write it! Don’t think about the readers or what will sell. Think about that world and the stories in it. Your passion will bleed through and readers always love that. If you love it, readers will love it. So the key to this advice is: be prepared to work hard. Get that story done, edit the hell out of it, make the changes you need to and accept the fact that there will be mistakes and changes necessary. No one’s first draft is perfect. That’s my advice. Not what to write, but the work to put into it.

I believe in you! 😀