Release Hiatus


Dragon Bloode: Covet

Hey! I’m sure you noticed I didn’t post last week, or even on time this week! I’ve been super busy getting things together for my debut novel’s release on June 17th. I thought it best to announce a hiatus instead of just not posting. XD When I return I’ll have a new world building blog post! (told you I would think of more). Until then, be sure to check out Dragon Bloode: Covet (available on Smashwords & Amazon) and use the code to get a free download once it’s released from Smashwords. It’s not available for free on Amazon because it is not enrolled in the KDP Select program. The Smashwords code will be available until July 17th, so be sure to pick it up before then!


Once a mighty race of winged gods, they’re reduced to three. No longer do they resemble the scaled flying marvels of their ancestry, but the humans who interbred with their forefathers. The Bloode is thin and dying.

Mishka Williams’s dark fantasy debut is spellbinding. Dive into a realm rich with magic, Dragons, and lust. Set against a gothic backdrop in the world of Alperin, Williams takes you to the Draak Empire. Rife with division between the Emperor and his Dragon generals, the empire faces enemies on all fronts. From the Fae, the Elves, and from within.


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