Character Sheets

I thought I would take another break from world building to talk about something along the same vein: character sheets! Man, I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia for D&D or what, but I love making character sheets. For the first five minutes, then it feels tedious afterward. Now, most people already have their own templates and setups for character sheets, but I thought I would offer my own take on it. Below is an example of a character sheet I use for reference for DB:C.

Billy Bob Characterface                                                                          Book Title/Time Frame

Hair: red, short
Eyes: brown
Skin: dark
Age: 36
Race: half-elf, half-human
Height: 6’5″
Physique: lean, good shape
Health: bad ulcers, otherwise perfect

Parents: Senor Characterface (father, deceased), Lady Characterface (mother, deceased), Lord Characterface (adoptive father)
Family: Iam Characterface (older brother)
Marriage:  Lily (Maidenname) Characterface (Time of Marriage)
Children: Firstborn Characterface (B.Date), Secondborn Characterface (B.Date)
Home: Capital City
Birth: Date @ Place
Social Station: Owner of Characterface Antiques in Capital City

Magic: none
Combat: basic training with short sword, expert fencer with rapier
Languages: Homeland (hometown dialect), Neighboring Country (border dialect)
Hobbies/Talentscan tell an antique from a fake in less than a minute, world class log roller

Political Affiliation: pro-RulingDude, anti-NewGovernment
Religion: that one deity
Important Anniversaries: Marriage to Lily (M.Date), Birth of Firstborn (B.Date), Birth of Secondborn (B.Date), Death of parents (Date)
History: Though too young to remember the death of his parents, Lord Characterface kept their memory alive in young Billy’s heart. He grew up under the influence of Lord Characterface and aspired to be like his adoptive father. Soon, Billy saved up enough money working on his brother’s farm to open his own antique stall. With a natural talent for spotting ancient items of value, Billy’s business grew. Now a merchant mogul in Capital City, Billy’s daughter, Firstborn, has been kidnapped for a large ransom.

And done! So, of course the character sheet can have different things you consider important for your story. My world has magic, so I felt it necessary to put it in there and what type they possess. I also suggest you keep them down to one page a character. Yes, even main characters. Whilst a detailed backstory is important, for simplicity’s sake during writing, you don’t want to slow yourself down taking so much time to scan through a five page essay detailing their life. If you want to make a more detailed character history, especially for main characters, I think it best to keep separate from your actual character sheets. I also have mine all printed out and in a binder so I don’t have to look away from my manuscript for a quick eye reference.

Down below I have a template saved in .docx & .doc formats for anyone interested in using this template for themselves. My margins on the top for the BookTitle/Time Frame may be off, but is meant to be up in the uppermost right corner of the page. Of course, if your book isn’t one of a series the time frame isn’t important. Anyhoo, if you would like the template in another format feel free to send me an email or message and I’ll see what I can do! Until next time! Keep on keeping on!

Character Sheet.docx
Character Sheet.doc


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