When The Stars Join The Sky

This post isn’t really going to pertain to writing, and honestly, I suppose it doesn’t always have to.

David Bowie passed away yesterday, and as someone who has hugely influenced my life and creative process, I feel a need to say something to honor is memory. On the 14h of December last year, I wrote a blog about the music that inspires me and David Bowie made that list. His death got me to thinking of all the artists who seem to be falling one by one over the last few years. I think, as always, new ones will rise to carry on the torch, but you can’t help but to deeply mourn the ones who are gone. I’m sure when David Bowie was a child or teen or young adult, someone passed that made him feel the same way. He rose up and gave us decades of hit or miss (sometimes both) music.

Ziggy Stardust is just fun to say, can’t imagine living it as an alter ego. Knowing now that his music is finite, I’ll listen to each song more deeply. Appreciate it more than I thought I could. Now I’ll probably obsess over getting vinyls of every record of his and daydream of a time before I knew the bright star known as David (Bowie) Jones left us and flew back upward to the sky to join those who went before him.


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