“Dragon Bloode: Covet” Cover Reveal!

Yay!! It’s finally here! My cover!! I love it! I’m super happy with it and thank you Anne Coffer for putting it together for me! Now I can start looking into doing all the things for promotional work. Bookmarks, posters, cards, etc…Woo. XD That’s not intimidating at all! Hope you like it!


Dragon Bloode: Covet



I’m an emotional wreck (not just due to the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman). I’m just going to leave this here so you can be one too. ❤

When The Stars Join The Sky

This post isn’t really going to pertain to writing, and honestly, I suppose it doesn’t always have to.

David Bowie passed away yesterday, and as someone who has hugely influenced my life and creative process, I feel a need to say something to honor is memory. On the 14h of December last year, I wrote a blog about the music that inspires me and David Bowie made that list. His death got me to thinking of all the artists who seem to be falling one by one over the last few years. I think, as always, new ones will rise to carry on the torch, but you can’t help but to deeply mourn the ones who are gone. I’m sure when David Bowie was a child or teen or young adult, someone passed that made him feel the same way. He rose up and gave us decades of hit or miss (sometimes both) music.

Ziggy Stardust is just fun to say, can’t imagine living it as an alter ego. Knowing now that his music is finite, I’ll listen to each song more deeply. Appreciate it more than I thought I could. Now I’ll probably obsess over getting vinyls of every record of his and daydream of a time before I knew the bright star known as David (Bowie) Jones left us and flew back upward to the sky to join those who went before him.

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday! OoooooOooo!

(P.S. Bangles: Please don’t sue me.)

I’m lucky, really. I have more time than most to write my great American novel. My husband works, and as someone who’s held three jobs at once for much longer than I should have, believe me when I say I appreciate all of this free time.

But, how does one find the time? (Hint: Don’t ever start a sentence with a conjunction!) Even without working I have other responsibilities. We live in a large house with five fur babies. That’s a lot of vacuuming and hair on a daily basis. How do people with a job and small children find the time to write? How do any of us?

No matter your position, if the passion is there, you’ll do it. Even when I was working multiple jobs I somehow managed to find the time to sit down and write. I couldn’t help it. It was a way to unwind. Almost as though, the more busy I was, the more addicted to writing I became. Perhaps it was due to my ability to escape reality. Which I often did via writing or reading.

Back to finding time, though; I feel that part of the reason so many writers aren’t taken seriously is because they haven’t made it big. What does that have to do with time? Well, working on a novel full time it still takes a lot of work and time to get one out. Think of any professional author or novelist. How long is the wait between their books? A few months? A year? A few years? More often than not, it’s usually about a book a year.

Now, remember this one thing: they do it full time. For a living. It is their job. They most likely have assistants and people to cook and clean for them too (this isn’t for certain but, I know I would!). Now, imagine if you spent the same amount of time on a daily basis as you did with your other job. Be it cashier, accountant, or mom/dad.

I think too many people get down on themselves for not being further along. You, whoever you are, are doing great! Even if all you can manage is ten minutes a day, or a week, you’re still doing it. And you’re doing the best you can.

This blog post isn’t really informative so much as a pep talk, and what it stems from is a conversation I had with my husband the other day. I asked him, “Do you want me to be your maid or a writer?” Don’t get me wrong. My husband is amazing and understanding and I realize how completely lucky I am to have this opportunity. Which lead me to think of everyone who isn’t so lucky but still finds the time to write. To live their dream and pursue their passion. I remember when I was such a person and now I’m lucky enough to do it full time.

So just keep on keeping on.