Something you’ll occasionally see in the dedication of a novel are the names of a musician or group responsible for inspiration. Some people have to write in silence, some can’t write without music. So which category do you fall under?

Myself, I do a bit of both. When I’m writing, I must have absolute silence. I love music. I have it on constantly otherwise. I noticed though, no matter how much I want to write to music, it’s better if I don’t. It just doesn’t happen. I end up distracted by the song, accidentally type out the lyrics instead of what I mean to say, or some other variant. It’s not impossible, I just find that my voice waivers considerably when I’m listening to music and writing. It saddens me, I love music so. Occasionally I get lucky and start writing without being aware of the music on in the background.

However, when I’m plotting it’s a whole other animal. I can’t plot without music of some sort in the background. Sometimes I hear a tune that instantly takes me to another place and time, another universe or world with a few notes. It helps me with setting and visuals. Lyrics have the same effect on me, but not as strong.

So what kind of music do I plot too?

I have days and days (probably weeks) worth of music on my Ipod and a little cube set up next to my work space that changes color in an array of the rainbow. The categories range from heavy metal to classical to pop to folk music, but only particular musicians feed the muse monster. Not to say that the odd song or two doesn’t inspire something, these are the artists I can count on to get my creative juices flowing. I am moved not only during plotting and creative writing with these tunes, but in crafting, drawing, and any other creative aspect of my life.

These are some of the artists that inspire me the most and the following are examples of their music.

Tangerine Dream

Birthday Massacre


Daft Punk 

David Bowie (+Labyrinth OST)

Karliene (she does a lot of covers for some of my favorite tunes, this song in particular, which I love the original, is one of those randoms I just don’t have room to place all of them here)


Soundtracks Galore

There are much more, but the previous were the first bunch to pop into my head. Hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment below; what inspires you?



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