Web Presence

While collaborating with LeeLoo Publishing, I am still an independent author on the long arduous journey to publication. I was told early on that I need to establish a web presence before I can even begin to market my debut novel and so I’m doing just that. Establishing.

I’m not ever truly sure what to blog about, what interests people, or can peak curiosity in a sea of so many choices.

I think I want to make it clear, however, that my stream of thought differs from my writing style somewhat. Some days I’m more casual and conversational in my writing, others I have the voice of an 18th century poet. Though I strive for fluidity in my book, I don’t feel as much of a need for voice consistency here. The struggle is real.

For the most part, I think this blog will be a reflection of the process I endure to get my novel out there. I don’t plan on being an advice column of any sort. I have no advice to really give. Well, that’s not true. I do but it’s only one thing: heed advice carefully. I know! Doesn’t make sense, but all I can say about it is that through the thousands of blogs and articles and “authorities” on the subject of what does and doesn’t work, most advice is conflicting. Whether it be on marketing, or editing, or even the writing itself. For every article you can find endorsing only using “said” or “says” after all dialogue, you’ll find just as many saying to do the opposite.

In the end I feel the best advice is to find what works for you. A couple of things I can agree on are to write everyday and to know the rules so it’s okay when you break them. That being said I end up writing in droves sporadically and when is it that it’s okay to use a semicolon again? You’ll end up just stressing and occupying yourself with everything but the natural flow of your writing. In the first draft, just write the dang thing. That’s what rewrites and editing are for.

I hope I remember to update regularly enough (I mentioned my sporadic tendencies, yes?). Some days I’ll post three times and not another for a week perhaps. That being said, I’ll be sure to update my progress as it comes without any spoilers. My book, Dragon Bloode: Covet, will be released in the early spring of 2016. So I imagine this blog will fill up fast and furiously. I anticipate/dread the journey ahead.



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